Skin Classic Treatment

Kitzie Spa is thrilled to announce we are offering a brand-new service to accommodate ALL your Skin + Care needs. We are always striving to bring you new, exciting, and innovative ways to care for your skin, which is why we are adding the Skin Classic treatment to our list of services we offer.


The Skin Classic device treats various skin irregularities like skin tags, broken capillaries, brown spots, acne cysts,and more! This multi-functional device uses high frequency to quickly and effectively treat imperfections, without the cost, or downtime of lasers and scalpels. This incredible treatment takes little time with very minimal discomfort.


During your Skin Classic consultation, the skin will be cleansed and a thorough skin analysis will be performed to identify any treatable skin irregularities. After the skin analysis is complete, we will decide on a course of action for your personalized treatment plan which will include a gentle exfoliation and a mask tailored to fit your skin care needs. The Skin Classic probe never enters the epidermis but instead is lightly touched on the surface. The mild discomfort experienced with this procedure all becomes worth it when you see the immediate results.


Downtime is expected to be 5-7-10 days. During the healing period it is crucial to be very gentle with the treated areas. A gentle cleanser, moisturizer and SPF are essential in getting maximum benefits from the treatment.


Prices discussed upon consultation.

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