Kitzie Man Care Tips

February 21, 2019

Top 10 Kitzie Man Care Tips

1) Shaving can occasionally result in razor burn and ingrown hairs, both of which may result in inflammation and sensitization. Post shave, use soothing, hydrating ingredients to help calm and restore skins barrier.
2) To avoid irritation, shave with the grain, or in the same direction of hair growth. Consider a pre shave oil if you regularly experience shaving irritation.
3) The skin underneath a beard needs love too. Accidental neglect easily leads to dehydration, which leads to dryness and itching.
4) Your beard doesn’t have to feel rough or scratchy. Regularly nourish your beard growth with a natural, non comedogenic facial oil after cleansing your face.
5) Less is more – a super sharp blade requires far less pressure, which in turn lessens the likelihood of razor burn.
6) Artificial perfumes and alcohols are guaranteed to irritate freshly shaven skin. Avoid contact dermatitis by applying an alcohol, fragrance and color free hydrating serum post shave.
7) Male skin tends to age slower than their counterparts. A simple but powerful daily care regimen keeps skin healthy. Protecting skin against daily elements has become mainstream.
8) Traditional bar soap is drying. Consider a cleanser that soothes skin, versus drying it out.
9) A quick facial scrub before you shave will result in a closer, smoother shave
10) Sunscreen is your best friend – make it an automatic part of your routine.

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