Fall In Love With Your Skin

September 9, 2019

Fall in love with your skin!

5 tips to take your skin from summer to fall:

1) The crisp fall air can be dry, choose a cleanser that will not dehydrate your skin, look for sulfate-free, creamy cleansers.

2) Exfoliate to brighten up! Silky smooth skin can be achieved with a well formulated scrub or facial peel. 

3) Fall is the perfect time to add Retinol (Vitamin A) back to your routine to dramatically reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

4) Boost hydration by adding an alcohol-free toner and a heavier moisturizer to prevent moisture loss. 

5) Don’t forget the SPF! Sunscreen is still the best anti-aging tool you will buy and a year-round commitment to your skin. It’s worth the investment!!

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