Male grooming has long ceased to become an extra, or a secret. As much as a shoe shine or a hot shave constitutes basic self-care, advanced skin care is a staple for the 21st century man.For skin that has borne the brunt of outdoor sports, corporate travel, extreme work environments and even simple daily shaving, The Kitzie Man Toning Treatments are the ultimate overhaul for optimum skin care.

Facial Toning Treatments

45 min | $90
Every Kitzie Man skin treatment begins with a deep steam cleanse and custom professional strength exfoliation followed by extractions as needed and a replenishing mask.

***please refrain from shaving your face immediately prior to your treatment for maximum comfort***

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Brow Grooming

Brows | $25

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Beard Therapy

30 min| $50
Exceptional beards demand exceptional care. Nurture your beard and the sensitive skin underneath with a deep, sulfate free steam cleanse followed by an invigorating conditioning massage. Beard Therapy concludes with stimulating high frequency for follicular nourishment and a light beard oil application for a lustrous finish. Steam towels will not be spared.

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Ultimate Back Care

40 min| $80
Our backs are too often neglected – dry, itchy and uncomfortable in winter or aggravated with acne breakouts any time of the year. An Ultimate Back Care treatment can easily put an end to either extreme condition.

*aggravated conditions may require a series of treatments – 3 is an excellent start.

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