Expert Oncology Skin Care
Where conventional and complementary care fuse

From diagnosis to remission, Kitzie Spa provides a calming environment and soothing care to clients with compromised skin. In a time of stress and distraction, a replenishing skin treatment provides respite.

Long frustrated by having to turn away facial clients living with cancer, Laura’s limitations soon gave way to endless opportunities to work with those same clients when she learned of Oncology Esthetics®, a phenomenal program that trains licensed skincare professionals to deliver highly detailed care to oncology clients.

The Oncology Esthetics® accreditation is only awarded to a licensed spa professional after a rigorous course of study is expertly completed. This course educates estheticians about the detailed needs of individuals undergoing cancer treatments and the appropriate skin care techniques designed to support them.

As Missouri’s very first oncology trained esthetician, Laura Kitzmann offers sensitive skin care expertise to clients who are suffering the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.  During her detailed training with Oncology Esthetics®, Laura learned how cancer starts and spreads, the primary clinical considerations in providing skin care to clients with cancer and how to make expert choices regarding ingredients and modalities.

Oncology Spa certification
Jill's Hope

Why We Care About Skin Care For Cancer Therapies

Laura became interested in supporting the Kansas City cancer community via her professional skincare passion after reading the biography of an esthetician who volunteered for the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program.  The “Look Good, Feel Better” program is a workshop for cancer patients in which they learn about skin care, makeup, and hair care in a safe, relaxing environment. The techniques shared focus on helping patients deal with the side effects of anti-cancer drugs and radiation, while comfortably maintaining their often compromised physical appearance.

A cancer diagnosis, no matter how manageable or severe, is its own deeply personal trial. The unexpected, and unwelcome challenge of jeopardized health introduces a weight that should not be carried solo. So few of us go through life untouched by cancer, making resources that can measurably ease some of the challenges patients face even more valuable – one of those coping strategies is restorative, nourishing care for compromised skin.  The opportunity to detach and let go, even for a short window is often quite welcome.

We look forward to scheduling time with you. For your convenience, you may call, email, text or use the convenient online scheduling option to set up your customized facial or makeup services.

Laura truly understands the importance of how looking and feeling your best impacts your spirit and would love to help relieve your stress during this challenging time.

Giving Back

Laura is committed to giving back to the community. Every time you purchase a facial at Kitzie a donation is made to an incredible organization located right here in the Northland. Jill’s Hope provides integrative therapies that help assist individuals living with cancer and their caregivers. Founder Jill Heckman was a cancer fighter, a loving mother, and an endless source of support, love and compassion for the Kansas City cancer community. For more information, visit Jill’s Hope.


Q: Isn’t a facial a facial? How does oncology skincare differ from a Signature Kitzie treatment?

Cancer-fighting drugs are already throwing your system into chaos, whether that be overdrive or dragging it down. It’s important that your facial experience be a window of time in which everything is even keeled and peaceful. Compromised skin health may be a painful reality of the chemotherapy and radiation process, but there are techniques and comfort measures available to help protect and nourish chemically ravaged skin. Oncology skincare addresses the fragile state skin is thrust into, restoring balance and calming the body inside and out with respect for skins compromised state. Just as important as how oncological skincare is defined is what it does not offer – heat, aggressive exfoliation, unsafe systemic manipulation and harsh chemicals.

While every Kitzie Spa treatment is delivered with care, knowledge of appropriate touch is critical in oncology skincare. Pressure requirements, pressure restrictions and awareness of treatment side effects are integral to how each client is cared for.  The training Laura has committed to empowers her to recognize not only how to proceed differently in every treatment but just as importantly, how to tell when compromised skin demands dermatologist care. Every oncology skincare client welcomed into Laura’s extraordinary care experiences dramatic stress reduction, strengthened skin health and the utmost respect for a fatigued immune system.

Q: Is a facial during my oncological care safe? I’m a little nervous because my skin is so sensitive. What can I expect from my treatment?

Every client who steps into Kitzie Spa is treated with great mindfulness – individuals are welcome at any stage of cancer therapy. Laura begins every treatment by taking a medical history that she will use to design a custom treatment for your unique situation.  A meticulously maintained space defined by attention to your welfare, Kitzie Spa is more than happy to provide you with the details of the internationally recognized training accreditation they have undergone, if you or your health provider have questions.

Q: What sort of products are used in an oncology skincare treatment?

The professional treatment products used in your session have been chosen with sensitivity in mind. Frequently, clients find that their skin changes drastically during cancer treatment. Skin that previously required little to no special attention may now be dry, thin, fragile or even plagued with breakouts. Changes and challenges you are most concerned with will be discussed during your detailed pre-treatment consultation.

As important as the products used in your treatment are the products, ingredients and modalities that will be avoided. During your treatment you will not be subject to:

  • heat
  • harsh exfoliation
  • overpowering aromas
  • inflammatory movements (no deep massage)
  • chemical sunscreens
  • overstimulating ingredients

The intent of your treatment is not to fix you, but to provide a significant measure of restoration. You can expect to leave your treatment not only refreshed, but with a new home care treatment plan to continuously nourish and protect your skin.