Skin + Care For Cancer
Oncology Trained Skincare
Skin + Care for Cancer

Trust and comfort are critical during a time when health is a struggle. As Missouri’s very first oncology trained esthetician, Laura offers sensitive skin care expertise to clients at every stage of treatment, from diagnosis through remission. Detailed study with Oncology Esthetics International and Oncology Spa Solutions trained Laura to understand how cancer starts and spreads, the primary clinical considerations in providing skincare to clients with cancer and how to make expert choices regarding ingredients and modalities

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The SKIN + CARE Comfort Facial

Treating skin weakened by cancer treatment is a labor of love that concentrates on soothing touch and deep hydration. Through replenishment of vital lipids and vitamins lost during chemotherapy and radiation treatments, sensitized skin is deeply comforted, soothed and moisturized. An expert in the treatment of skin devitalized by chemotherapy chemicals, Laura uses products designed exclusively for the recovery of health-challenged skin.

Leaving no aspect of patient care unaddressed, an extraordinary part of every Skin+Care Comfort Facial is brow charting. Lash and eyebrow loss can be a disconcerting challenge, but easier to manage with a lesson to demonstrate lash and brow recreation.

*if you have a loved one working through cancer treatment, a replenishment facial is a tremendous gift*

$80 | 60 minutes


Oncology Spa certification